A Good Title Should Go Here….

Good afternoon to one and all. Already, I have received warm welcomes from the wordpress blogoverse. Thank you so much for your kind words and greetings. They are so sweet! =) Now, if you are celebrating Memorial Day, also, then I wish you a good holiday! My Pepere, uncle and aunt, just left, wrapping up our little cookout. It was very nice.

A small update on my early morning struggles: I decided to try and get some sleep. I went back to bed listening to the morning birds awaken and chirp their greetings to one another and the jackdaw widow finally quiet down. It was so nice to hear, that I turned off my fan and opened both windows in my room to listen to them as I curled back up under my covers. It was so peaceful. Even the dog slumbering at my feet was a warm comfort. Ah….so nice. However, I did make sure to drag myself up and out of bed again only a few hours later at 11:30 AM so that, hopefully, I can find a much easier sleep tonight.

Would you like to know my current thoughts now, since that is the point of my blog here? I have always considered myself a bit of a tomboy, but there are those rare moments where I really feel girly and cute. Growing up, we spent a majority of our time with my mother’s family. I was the only girl out of the children for twelve years until my youngest cousin was born a girl, too. So, I grew up with two younger brothers, and two younger boy cousins, as well. I think I have always gotten along better with boys than I have girls. But, then, sometimes I’m afraid that I act too boyish and that is why the boys I like never feel the same about me. It is these times that I most wish I was a girly girl who wore makeup every day and cared about styling my hair and looking pretty. But, then I realize I can’t function that way. As an artist, I find it pointless to put makeup on when I’ll just end up with graphite, ink, or paint on my face, or do my hair pretty, since I’ll just tie it up or shove it under a cap to keep out of my way, or wear nice clothes that might get ruined and stained by the oil and acrylic paints I use. Hum, hum, hm…this is just my current contemplation.

Look for my words again!


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