A Jump To The Past: DuckTales Feature!

I began re-living a part of my childhood yesterday. I found a site on the interwebs here where I can watch “DuckTales”! Yay!


“DuckTales” is one of my favorite shows from back when I was a kid. Definitely, if you were ever to ask me, one of my favorite Disney characters is Uncle Scrooge McDuck. I even have some of the old “Scrooge McDuck” comic books that I like to re-read from time to time.


Now, I know some people might not like Scrooge McDuck because he can be seen as “arrogant” and “greedy”, but I like him for other reasons.

1. He’s smart with his money and knows how to spend it well.

2. He’s adventurous and brave and not afraid to try new things.

3. Despite his love for money, he still knows that family is more important.

On top of all of that, I just love his Scottish accent! It’s simply brilliant!

Now, I’m even more excited, because Disney has annouced that their going to re-vamp “DuckTales” and air it on television again on Disney XD by 2017. I cannot wait! I’m not sure if it will be the same episodes all over again (like how WBKids re-aired remastered versions of “Dragonball Z” (renaming it “Dragonball Kai”) or if it will be a sort of re-make with new stories. Either way, I’m excited for it! Yay!

Want to watch “DuckTales” yourself? Here’s the link to the first episode of Season 1 on the website I’m watching it on: DuckTales on DailyMotion.com


Look for my words again soon!


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