Question: What Is Your Favorite Snack Food? The Answer: Hobnobs!

A few days ago I received my very first question under my “Ask Me Anything!” tab. Yay!


^^^ This is me being a dork at how happy I am, haha!

So, the question is as follows: “What is your favorite snack food?” and it was posted by a good and very dear friend of mine, Jem, who blogs on Seoul in Black and White.

I’d have to say that currently my favorite snack food would have to be hobnobs:


Hobnobs are very delicious English biscuits! (Now when I say biscuit, I mean cookie for all of my American friends!) It’s a wheat (and sometimes oat) biscuit and one side is coated with chocolate. It’s very common to eat these with tea or coffee, as they become very soft when dipped into the drink.

That’s that, ask me something else! I’d be happy to answer!



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