Hello! I’m a Renaissance Girl!

Being a chauffeur is very interesting. To be honest, I only drive the same lady around once a week, on Tuesdays. She gave up her license awhile ago for vision problems and recently asked me to drive her around. So, I complied. After all, I had posted on my community forum that I was available for odd jobs. Plus, I get to catch up on a lot of reading and writing between her errands. For example, right now she’s in a salon getting a mani/pedi and I’m sitting in the parking lot, mooching off of McDonald’s free Wi-Fi to post to you guys. But, just prior to logging on here, I was reading “Fairest of All” by Serena Valentino. It’s a book published by Disney Hyperion and it’s the backstory of the Evil Queen from Snow White. So far, it’s interesting, but more on that later….

To be honest, I really like to work on odd jobs like this. I consider myself a sort of Renaissance girl. “Renaissance” being used in the same way Da Vinci is described as a Renaissance man. Someone who is capable and knowledgeable in more than one field. I love to learn new things, from needlepoint, to cross-stitching, to baking and cooking, to fixing the plumbing for a sink, to tiling a roof! I find it all interesting! I’d like to learn as much as I can!

If you ever asked me, I could easily help you to throw a pot (that means make one on a spin-disc), fire it in the kiln, and glaze it for you. I could make teacups or tea pots or plates or bowls. I can make vases, and busts and statues. From wood, I can make you picture frames, or chairs, or tables, or even a bookcase or bedframe! Want something carved or etched out of wood or stone? I can do that, too! My next endeavor is to take a class on stained glass making and glass-blowing. My Aunt and Uncle in Massachusetts own a stained glass shop where they make everything they sell and they have offered to teach me all they know if I stay with them for a summer. As for glass-blowing, well, I live near a village that does all of that, including making bottles, lamps, china, etc. all from glass! They have regular classes on how to do make all sorts of things from glass.

I like to work outside and with flowers and plants. I like to fish and swim and kayak and canoe. I can sail a boat (though I really should renew my boating license for verifiability’s verifiability’s (is that even a word?) sake), and I can teach you how to camp. I can whistle with my hands like an owl (and a few other bird calls), I can drive a manual or automatic vehicle.

If I don’t know how to do something and someone asks me for help, I teach myself how to do it. Like I said, I find odd jobs and work like this entertaining.

Actually, I was just telling my mother last night how happy I am to be not working in the car dealership industry any more. I worked in two different dealerships in the past year and I didn’t realize how unhappy I was there in those environments until now while looking for a new job. Of course, now I have a new job in Interior Design (which is way more up my alley with my art degree), but I’ll continue my odd job escapades.


Look for my words again soon!


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