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Fun at Home – HGTV

I am an AVID watcher of the television channel HGTV. Growing up in a family where construction was always a constant in my life (my father and his older brother are union electricians and my uncle and Pepere union construction workers), and being an art major, HGTV and all of the aspects of turning one thing into something else in shows like Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Fixer Upper through not only construction but also through interior design is just SO interesting to me.

I also love to watch House Hunters and especially House Hunters International because of all the cool cultural and architectural features! But, what really makes me laugh with these two shows is when the people looking for a home only look at the negatives of the new houses they’re looking at. One common thing is a lot of people are like “This closet is too small. It won’t even fit all of my bathing suits/shoes/clothes, etc.” A closet can’t fit your bathing suits? You have too many bathing suits, then. I can understand having two or three to switch it up now and then, but how many do you need that they won’t all fit into a closet/take up all of the space in the closet so you don’t have room for your clothes? It’s just silly things like that which I enjoy, haha!

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Updatey Update! =D


I don’t know why, but for the past two weeks, my little bell notification at the upper righthand screen wasn’t working! I would click on the bell when it had an orange dot and it would just take forever to load and never show me anything. So, if any of you liked one of my posts, or commented, or started to follow me in this time frame, I had no idea and I am sorry! I never want you guys to feel like I’m ignoring you. I love you guys! You’re the bestest of the best! So, I just wanted to give you all a friendly heads up.


In other news, school is going fantastically! Well…not really. I’ve had to drop to courses already due to some personal stuff that’s been going on and that leaves me with two left: Public Speaking and Astronomy. With the school semester almost half over (about 7 more weeks to go, everyone!) I’m really hoping I can at least keep these two. I really, really, want to graduate and get school done and over with!

Did I ever mention that I’m 25 and STILL in school? Ugh, I hate it. It’s such a bummer. I’m tired of being in school (but don’t get me wrong, I LOVE school and learning!), it’s just that I’m so tired of being the last of my friends to still have to be in school. Paying out of pocket so as to procure less university debt in the long wrong is such a pain when you’re the oldest person in almost all of your classes. Plus, being in school hinders me in a work sense, too, because I have to co-ordinate my work schedule around my school classes. That in itself is a pain, too.

Anyway, speaking of work, I’m about to start now, so I should get going. Let’s chat later!

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My Paycheck Lasted 30 Minutes…. XD

Today, I was paid $200.

Today, I spent said $200.

I bought a kayak on my way home after being paid.

Pretty sure I’ll be lectured about financial responsibility by my parents, even though I’m 25.

Too happy to care, haha!

So, that was my mindset on my way home this afternoon, haha! Surprisingly, my parents were more amused by my purchase than upset. I really was prepping myself for that finance lecture I was sure they were going to give me. Of course, I am 25 and I can spend my money the way I want to now. However, they still like to pick on me now and then. Today, instead, they looked at me, then looked at my bright yellow kayak, then back to me and were like, “Yep, that’s our daughter!” and then they laughed. Haha!

have to take a picture for you guys! It really is bright yellow and my Dad said it looked like a giant banana sticking out of the hatchback window of my car before I took it out. It’s a single person, ocean kayak that is originally sold at $500+, but I bought it secondhand off a gentleman in my area who had to give up kayaking because he blew out his bicep in an accident. So, he sold it to me for $200. This included the kayak, the paddle, a watertight built-in storage container with sleeve, a tether rope, and a fannypack with a mesh drink holder attached to it. Sweetness!

Anyway, I’m going on vacation tomorrow in Ocean City, NJ, so I can’t wait to use this thing! Yay!

Romano's so flashy!

Romano’s so flashy!

On another note, today I spent most of my afternoon typing up POs (Purchase Orders) for our company. We had a lot of different fabrics to order (both cut pieces and rolls), and the furniture we need upholstered, too! It was really interesting to learn how to fill it out, how to write the yardage and cuts needed, and so on. This Interior Design job…I love it!

Italy's so happy!

Italy’s so happy!

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This Needs a Better Title….

Today I feel a bit lazy. Although, I did make myself go out and buy a hulahoop and jump rope and a frisbee disk to play with. They’re all good ways to keep active!

Since I have no plans to go out tonight, I think I’ll work one a new illustration for my Deviant Art account. It’s been about a week since I’ve upload a new piece there.

Last night, I went to the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia:


It’s located in the Philly Downtown, right by Independence Hall. It’s a cute little neighborhood, Old City, I mean. If I had the money, that might be the only part in Philadelphia I would ever feel comfortable living in.

I went to the hotel to meet my boss (yes, I have a job finally! I am now an Interior Design Assistant) at the rooftop lounge and bar, Stratus:


It was so pretty! She asked me to meet her there because there was an NEWH networking event going on and she wanted to introduce me to vendors that she works with and allow me to get a feel of some of the things we’ll be doing. We start two jobs very soon, so we’re prepping to get ready, yay!

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