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A Café Encounter

Right now. Right this very minute! I am sitting at the café inside of a local Barnes & Noble to meet with a children’s book author. Why? She is looking for an illustrator for her two books and was interested in my art and art style after I submitted her a few examples. How cool is that?!


So, I’ve brought my digital online portfolio, which you can see here on my Crevado account: My Portfolio. It isn’t much, just a few samples of my digital work, but it’s nice to have. And then I’ve also brought a hard-copy portfolio which has some older work in it but showcases my different styles of drawing and what I am capable of and not restricted to. The great thing is, I value being able to draw in more than just one style.

Well, please wish me luck, because she’s coming back over now. =)

Look for my words again soon!


Too Much Stuff!

I wish there was someplace where I could take those super expensive art supplies that I never ended up using from my classes and sell them back (without a receipt), because I have a fancy illustration pen set that was $120, a $90 16-piece Niji watercolor set, and a $50 12-piece set Dermont pastel set. AND all of them are unopened and unused. They’re just taking up space in my room, along with extra canvases of varying sizes, an artist drafting table with built in light board, paintbrushes, pens, markers, brushes, paints, etc., etc..

Luckily, my friend Kel is taking the artist drafting table off of my hands (a $100 expense that I’m giving to her for free), but there’s still too much stuff in my too small room. I’m trying very hard to minimize what I have, because I do have too much stuff.

You see, in 2012 I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and OCD, but these problems plagued me since my senior year of high school (which was also the time my Memere passed away) and I not only struggled with anxiety and OCD, but also depression during that time, too. These things combined, I went through a period of time when I didn’t want to let go of anything that reminded me of her, or anything for that matter, and I collected many things and got rid of very few. It was such a tiring and stressful time.

But, finally I can say I’m better and back to my old self and now I find that all the things I thought were so important back then are really just useless and in my way, taking up space in a bedroom that is smaller than most nowadays. (I live in a house that was built in the 1940s-60s.).

Anyway, I’ve been making slow progress, but I’ve already gone through my clothes and shoes. Through books and papers, and cards, and little trinkets and thingamabobs, but I still feel overwhelmed over all sometimes, ESPECIALLY the art supplies that I had to buy for my art classes and then we never ended up using but it’s been so long I can’t return them to the store with my reciepts that I have. So…back to my starting topic of ‘I wish that there were stores I could sell these art supplies to and at least get some of my money back’.


Okay, I’ve gone full circle there. That will be all for now.

Look for my words again soon!