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Vacation Update

Hello everyone!

So, I’ve finally figured out how to get the internet working at my beach house rental. Whew, that only took 3.75 days to do! Well, in the meantime, I’ve been taking pictures to share since I couldn’t figure out how to post. Now that I can get on, here are the photos I’ve taken already:

IMG_2223On my first day here, I was walking down the boardwalk and happened to look out at the beach and I saw this awesome sandcastle! Apparently it was done as a Chevrolet advertisement, because the base the castle stood on had their logo carved into it. I just thought the castle looked amazing!

IMG_2224Later when I came back to the house from the beach and boardwalk, Kit’s girlfriend ask me to draw a caricature of her, so she wouldn’t have to pay $25+ for one on the boardwalk. This is my sketch of her in purple and pink ink (since those were the only pen colors we had at the time). She likes butterflies so I drew her as a butterfly fairy. She loved it. Isn’t she cute?


Finally, at the end of our first day here at the shore, we went on the Ferris Wheel together. It was a lot of fun. I even took a picture of myself to share:IMG_2231See? I really am a dork. Haha! I’m all aglow with green and orange from the lights on the ride. Plus there’s a silly glare across my face. It looks awesome! I’m such a silly billy, haha!

Look for my words again soon!