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You Are Vibrantly Pretty!

Recently, my brother and his girlfriend set up an on-line dating profile for me. While I was in the room and fully aware of what they were doing, I did find it amusing and fun to set one up.

Normally, though I’m not very into the whole on-line dating thing. Then again, I’m very bad at regular dating to begin with. Online dating, though, just seems a bit more overwhelming than normal dates. Firstly, I have no clue who the people messaging me are, despite what their profiles might say and what pictures they might have posted.


I am especially bad at the private messaging aspect of the whole thing. For instance, I am not used to being called “hot” or “cute” or “adorable”. Sure, I hear it from my father all of the time: “You are a beautiful young woman and any guy would be lucky to have you”, but he has to say that, right? He’s my dad, after all. So, when other people tell me that:

“You are really cute.”

“You are beautiful.”

“You are the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen.”

“You are vibrantly pretty”,  and so on, I tend to become very nervous.


To be honest, I don’t see myself as cute or beautiful or gorgeous or vibrantly pretty. When I look in the mirror or at photos of myself I see a goofy dork who looks averagely average. So, when other people say otherwise I become very bashful.

I think it would be safe to conclude now that on-line dating is not for me and I will continue to struggle on alone through the actual real-life dating world (although it is just as awkward and embarrassing when I hear these things in real life, too).



Just, Right Now….

Sometimes I get teary when I realize that I’m almost 26 and the longest relationship I have ever had was six months.


And that I have had a pretty lousy date/relationship record so far, including an obsessive controller, a liar, and a cheater.

Personally, I think it’s rather hard to find someone to actually be in a relationship with. I live in a very rural area so it’s not like there are many guys around to choose from. When I’m in my university classes, my classmates are always much younger than I am (the downfall of being a 25 year old college student).

All I’m asking for is someone who understands (and if they share it, that’s a bonus) my appreciation of art, writing, and history. Who will actually want to sit and watch the same shows and movies as me (yes, I’m the girl who still likes to go to Disney and other animated movies because they’re cute and I adore them and animation is what I want to do for a career, so it’s cool to see animation in action) and who accepts that reading tons of books is a very fun hobby for me. That I like to watch anime and BBC and that I’m a Whovian through and through (PS. My favorite Doctor to date is Matt Smith as Doctor 11)! That I enjoy Sherlock and think Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as the consulting detective (Martin Freeman is an excellent addition and they compliment each other very well, talent-wise). That I want to travel and find inspiration in new places for my art and writing (I truly believe an artist cannot survive creatively stuck in one place)! I mean, I don’t think I’m asking too much.

But sometimes…I’m just lonely and I’m getting awfully tired of waiting for Mr. Right.

Sincerely Yours,



Jumping Back to the Love Topic

Back in my “Love: A Seemingly Impossible Quest” post from 2 weeks ago, I mentioned that I met a guy at a bar (one of Kels’ boyfriend’s friends) and that while I found him cute and considerate, I didn’t have a “feeling” for him, nor did I feel we synced well. I also wrote him off as a potential date, let alone boyfriend. However, when Kels told me this past week that he’d been asking her for my number since we’d met, I figured I’d give him a try. Hey, everyone deserves a chance, right? So, we went on a date this week.

It was a regular date, I suppose. We met at the same bar as before, had a drink (mine was non-alcoholic. I’m old enough to drink, I just don’t like the taste of alcohol), and then walked around town a bit. We sat on a bench for awhile and just talked. He tried to kiss me twice, and I just gave him quick pecks. To be honest, I feel that kissing is really intimate, and I like to get to know the person better first, and know how I feel about them before I just go kissing him and giving him false hopes. When he told me he likes to make out and enjoys kissing, I told him how I felt about that and he said it was fine and he could wait.

After our date ended, he walked me back to my car, we exchanged numbers, hugged goodnight, and went our separate ways. He texted me when he got home that he was heading to bed and he’d text me tomorrow. It’s been three days and I haven’t heard back. I guess it’s safe to assume that he didn’t find me interesting enough to want to see again? I’m not particularly disappointed about not getting to date him or anything, but I am curious about why I haven’t heard back from him. Ah, such are the curiosities of my life.


Look for my words again soon!