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It’s All About Mindfullness?

So, recently I’ve been wanting to try meditation, but it seems that every time I try to sit down and do it, I end up giving up after a minute. What am I supposed to do??? I have no clue. Do I just sit there with my legs crossed and go “Ohm…ohm…ohm?” for hours on end? Do I sit there and think about myself? About others? About life? About…nothing? Are you supposed to focus on something, or nothing?

So, today I asked a counselor at my University about it. Thought I’d reach out for recommendations. She told me that there’s no real right or wrong way to go about meditation. She said it’s more about mindfullness and being able to focus on the Now.

Basically, her explanation is that meditation is a sort of way to enable our bodies and minds to focus on what is happening in the now. She suggested I look at it as experiencing things with my senses. When I sit down to the meditate ask myself: What do I hear? What do I see? What do I smell? Can I taste anything? Can I feel anything? Then, describe each thing in turn to myself. It’s a way to make yourself more aware of your surroundings and focus on what is going on at that exact moment. It’s not about thinking about yourself or other things, but a way to ground yourself.

Does that make sense to you? It did to me. So, next time I try to meditate, I’ll be using the Five Sense Mindfullness technique that my counselor suggested to me. Should I let you know how my next attempt goes? Maybe I will. If you answer those 5 questions for me now:

Right now, for the next 5 minutes, what do you:






I’d love to know!


Look for my words again soon!