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A Construction Project…Or A Few

I can successfully say that today I travelled to IKEA in Philadelphia, purchased myself a bureau, writing desk, and chair and assembled them for my room. I can also say that I began to pull apart my closet. I took off the surrounding trim and just have the frame support beams to take out. My ultimate goal for my current project is to open up my closet and turn it into a reading nook. Accomplishing this task will turn my room from square shaped to L-shaped. It will add square footage to my room and the space will be more accessible/useable in the future, should I move eventually.

After I am done my closet opening project, the next thing to do will be to trade my door out for a pocket door, instead. This, again, will allow for better access to my room and allow me to have better access to one of my built-in bookcases, which is hidden by the bedroom door when it is open, which is almost always.

Eventually, I would also like to trade out the paneling that are my walls (not that it’s ugly paneling or anything) and replace it with sheetrock, instead. I’ve always wanted to paint my room a color, because colors are pretty! That and my walls are a white wood paneling. And my ceiling…it’s popcorn. I’m not to fond of that either. I need to figure out how to remove popcorn ceiling….

Well, those are my in-room projects. There are other projects around the house that I want to work on also, but one thing at a time, right? No…I’ll probably rotate through some things to keep it interesting.


Look for my words again soon!