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My final semester at university has begun! I am so excited to finally say those words, er…type those words. Haha! I graduated from high school back in 2008 and it has taken me 8 years to get this far to my final semester to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree. I know that it should only take 4 years to get your Bachelor’s Degree, but I took two semesters off to participate in the Disney College Program internship in Orlando, Florida for a year from 2010-2011. Then 2013-2014 I had to take a year off due to medical problems so that I could recover and get my health back to normal. Finally, I started classes again the Fall of 2015 and now…after all this time, I’m so close to the finish line and I’m so excited to graduate in December!


The best news? Only two classes stand in my way of completing my goal. This last semester, I am taking “Survey of Asian Art” and “Music Appreciation”. Now why those two you may ask? Well, as an Art Major, I am required to take a Music, Theater, or Dance class and I didn’t mean to put it off until my last semester, that’s just how it happened, so Music Appreciation it was. And, I needed one more Art History elective class, and I really am a BIG appreciator of Asian culture, so I just HAD to take that class when I saw it was an option, haha!

So…please wish me luck!

– Soleil


Disney and an Accomplice Blog!

I am no longer in consideration for the Concept Artist position at Disney Interactive Gaming. That’s a bummer. I really wanted that internship. -sigh- As they say, one door closes, another opens. Next month, I will try to make it to Disney World in Florida to audition for the part of Dory in the Finding Nemo Musical that they do at Animal Kingdom. Wish me luck in that endeavor!

In the meantime, I will continue work on my commission. It’s coming along nicely, I must say. I’m very pleased with how it looks so far. Since I’m working with oil paints, when I’m not painting, I leave the easel and painting set up in front of the air conditioner to help the paints dry a littler faster so I can work on different areas without smearing anything.

Currently, I’m roasting some chick peas and then I’ll spice them for a tasty snack. I’m trying very hard to eat healthier. Since my mom is diabetic, I want to try and avoid that myself. As it may run in the family, I’m at a higher risk, so as of late, not only am I trying to eat better, but I am also trying to exercise on a more daily basis.

Jae has been sick since yesterday. I went to the local CVS to buy him medicine and saltine crackers last night. When I came home, after a half hour, he asked me for gatorade. So, I made a trip to Shop Rite at 1030 PM at night. After I came home, I told him he’s lucky I like him, haha!

Wow this is delicious! I just got my roasted chick peas out of the oven! I officially am declaring that I will start a food blog, too, and share the recipes that I find. Would any of you follow it? Here, I’m going to start it now, so that I don’t forget. Okay, almost an hour later, I’m done! Here’s the link to my second blog here on WordPress. I’ve ttled it: Tuck In and Chow Down!

Please enjoy my adventures there, too! Thank you very much for treating me so kindly thus far. I continue to hope that we can be good friends and readers together here!

Look for my words again soon.


Fishing, By The By

I sat at the end of the dock, shoes off, and feet in the cool water of the lake. Draw back, flick out, let the line fly. The rush of the water tumbling over the dam. The bright light of the sun, sending the lake shimmering. I was squinting constantly, except for when the occassional cloud would pass over and block the sun for a bit. Anyway, two hours of fishing later and there were no bites. Not even a nibble! Maybe it’s because I was using a lure instead of live bait? A friend of mine says it was because it was a bright day.

Pepere and Max went with me to lunch and then fishing, too. The three of us had one of the park docks all to ourselves. It really was nice.

Still haven’t heard back from Disney about that Internship. This Friday will be week 3 since I applied. I’m thinking that I’ll probably hear back somewhere between weeks 4 and 6. Positive or negative, I hope to hear back, regardless.

Look for my words again soon!


An Altered Schedule

Babysitting is going well and I’m proud to say I have been on time every day so far. Yay! This is a big accomplishment, as I’m not usually a morning person. Recently, I found out that I’m borderline anemic, so that could explain why I’m always tired and have trouble waking up in the morning (even after 8+ hours of sleep!).

Oh, a change in my babysitting schedule today, though! My hours have been extended to 4 AM until 4 PM due to the youngest ended up getting sick this morning. So, after cleaning up the mess…(I almost got sick myself, and the smell…yuck! I must say, I might be scarred for life and I haven’t even had kids of my own, yet!), I texted his mother and she asked if I would mind staying here with him, instead of sending him to school. I said that it was not a problem, so, here I am at their house still, taking care of him. I think he’s feeling better. He’s up and about now and hasn’t thrown up in a few hours now. He’s wandering around the house trying to find the cat, Asher.

I still have yet to make rice porridge. Our rice cooker does not have a porridge setting, so I have to use stove top directions, instead. I’ve never been a fan of stove-top-cooked rice, but for the sake of trying something new, I’ll give it a try.

Also, I need to keep working on my commission painting. I planned to do some painting today, but now my schedule is a bit changed up. Ah…I had planned on sending some updated in-progress pictures to the client today, too….

I’m still waiting to hear back from Disney about my job request. According to the Dashboard on http://www.disneycareers.com, my submission is still pending. I hope to hear back soon, though. I really do want this job. It’s my dream job. Well, it’s in God’s hands now. I can just hope and pray in the meantime.

I think, since we can’t find a controller to operate the Xbox with to put Netflix on, I’ll let him watch Netflix through his phone, and I’ll try to do some writing. Or, I’ll read. I’ve started a new book. It’s the third in the “Wide Awake Princess” series by E.D. Baker. I love E.D. Baker’s books! She mainly focuses in fractured fairytales, which are my favorite. Anyway, the third book is “The Bravest Princess”. Since I liked the previous two, I’m sure this one will meet my standards for the story-line.

Look for my words again soon!



It’s Just an Update

If you’ll remember from my very first post here, my sleeping schedule is a bit out of whack for my current time zone since quitting my job two weeks ago. Despite this, I have volunteered myself to babysit for a family friend from 5 AM to 9AM to wake up her three children, feed them, and get them ready and on the bus for school in the mornings since she has to start work early. I start Monday. …Ah, I think this will be a rough week that is approaching. Luckily, though, it is only for two weeks until school is finished for the summer. That being said, since I need an income, even if a slight one, I don’t mind doing this favor for her.

Also, as of yet, I have not heard anything back from the Disney Professional Internship that I applied to, except a “Do-Not-Reply” email stating that they received my submission and that my info will be looked over soon. This, I suppose, is good news, since no news is good news, or so they say. I really want this internship position. It would be such a great oppourtunity for me. Plus, I’m already practically living in California’s time zone anyway what with my sleeping pattern (ah, yes, back on that again.)

Oh, and I finished “24 girls in 7 days” last night. I think if I rated it on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7. It really kept you guessing until the end, which was nice. Plus, it had a sweet ending. So, I would recommend it. Also, the author, Alex Bradley, is a man, not a girl. Since I previously hadn’t been sure and had been too tired/lazy at the time to check, I figured I’d fill you guys in now and let you know. Now, I need to pick my next book to read. I have a stack to chose from, so I’ll let you know.

Look for my words soon.


Two Takes and an Internship Submission


I literally want to slump my head down over my keyboard and cry a little. -sigh- I unfortuantely made the mistake of trying to reload this page after typing all I had typed and now it’s all gone. I have to retype it. Blah.


I am exhausted. I wish I was in bed. However, I promised a second entry for today and I’m here to fulfill that promise. It never rained again after the first storm. I think that’s a shame. I wish it was raining at least now. I like to fall asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof. It’s relaxing. Instead, the nocturnal tree frogs are croaking their ballad, so that will have to do for now. I’m not complaining.

Currently, I’m reading a book titled “24 girls in 7 days” by Alex Bradley. I’m too tired to look up whether the author is male or female so I’ll do that later and leave it to your imagination or curiosity for now. Here’s the description on the back cover:

“So when his friends take it upon themselves to get him a date to the prom by placing an intensely humiliating ad in the school paper, they think they are doing him a favor. Jack doesn’t agree. But then the most amazing thing happens: Responses to the ad are overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that Jack must narrow the list down. A lot. Not an easy task. Turns out, the girls at City High are quite the competitive bunch. From drive-by flashings to breaking and entering to cellphone stalkers, these potential prom dates will stop at nothing to snag the suddenly popular Jack. How will he ever choose just one?”

To be honest, I picked this book up (originally from a FREE BOOKS box outside of a house I was passing one afternoon on my way home from work, along with a few others) because of the description on the back. It’s written in 1st person point-of-view, which I don’t usually read (I can’t get into 1st person POVS. I relate the “I” in the book to me instead of the character and then have trouble getting into the story because the “I” in the book is doing, saying, and encountering things that I never would. Does that make sense? Anyway….), and the writing style is, for lack of better words, dry and sardonic (again, not a typical style I would read), but I found that despite the style of writing and the POV, it’s interesting enough that I want to keep reading and see what happens at the end. So, kudos to the author! I half contemplated putting it down after the first chapter, at first, but then decided to give it a second chance and read a few more chapters. I’m now halfway. I plan to finish it, if not tomorrow, then before the weekend is done. An easy task. It only has 31 chapters and 265 pages.

This Just In!: My younger brother has finally returned home and delivered to me that green tea lemonade I asked for hours ago. Since it’s too late for tea now (although, I did steal a few sips), I’ll save it for the morning…er…later in the morning. Now that he’s home, we were just discussing a test that he has on determining who he dates. An interesting concept. Mine is a bit different from his, but there are similarities.

Of my two brothers, I think I relate the most well to my youngest brother, but I think that’s because he actually spends time with me and talks with me (actual discussions), whereas my other brother (the middle child), I think, finds me annoying and he really only chats or holds conversations with me when he’s feeling chipper. Other than that, he spends a majority of his time with his girlfriend. That’s another subject.

Anyway, back to the rest of the “This Just In!” news. After our discussion of his dating test, I told Jae (that’s my youngest brother) that I recently found an application for Disney Interactive, to take part in their internship for Concept Artists. I told him I was considering it for next summer, but he talked me into applying for this summer. The program would start next month sometime and end in September, or December, depending on which program length I decide to partake in. I’m not too sure about flying all the way to California for the program and living there away from my family (while I did the Disney College Program twice in Orlando, FL before, Glendale, CA is much, much farther away). Anyway, I applied. Jae is always supporting me and telling me to try new things. I do the same for him, supporting him in his endeavors and sharing my advice and know-how when he requires and asks for it. We’re a good support team, I think. I look up to him, even though he’s five years younger than me. I wonder if he realizes just how much I admire his confidence, passion, strength, and knowledge.

Anyway, now Jae is playing away on our new Wii U (Super Smash Bros. Wii U) and it’s almost 2 AM. I’m so tired. Please bear with me. Also, I typed this entire thing (twice, by the way) without my glasses on. I feel a slight headache starting. Ah, good night all! Look for my words again soon.