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My Paycheck Lasted 30 Minutes…. XD

Today, I was paid $200.

Today, I spent said $200.

I bought a kayak on my way home after being paid.

Pretty sure I’ll be lectured about financial responsibility by my parents, even though I’m 25.

Too happy to care, haha!

So, that was my mindset on my way home this afternoon, haha! Surprisingly, my parents were more amused by my purchase than upset. I really was prepping myself for that finance lecture I was sure they were going to give me. Of course, I am 25 and I can spend my money the way I want to now. However, they still like to pick on me now and then. Today, instead, they looked at me, then looked at my bright yellow kayak, then back to me and were like, “Yep, that’s our daughter!” and then they laughed. Haha!

have to take a picture for you guys! It really is bright yellow and my Dad said it looked like a giant banana sticking out of the hatchback window of my car before I took it out. It’s a single person, ocean kayak that is originally sold at $500+, but I bought it secondhand off a gentleman in my area who had to give up kayaking because he blew out his bicep in an accident. So, he sold it to me for $200. This included the kayak, the paddle, a watertight built-in storage container with sleeve, a tether rope, and a fannypack with a mesh drink holder attached to it. Sweetness!

Anyway, I’m going on vacation tomorrow in Ocean City, NJ, so I can’t wait to use this thing! Yay!

Romano's so flashy!

Romano’s so flashy!

On another note, today I spent most of my afternoon typing up POs (Purchase Orders) for our company. We had a lot of different fabrics to order (both cut pieces and rolls), and the furniture we need upholstered, too! It was really interesting to learn how to fill it out, how to write the yardage and cuts needed, and so on. This Interior Design job…I love it!

Italy's so happy!

Italy’s so happy!

Look for my words again soon!


What’s In A Name?: A Custom Design Commission!

Today I finished painting the name onto the boat, as I had planned. So….TA-DA:


Since the sailboat is a Western White Potter sailboat, they decided to name it Harry’s Potter, you know, after the Harry Potter books and movies. I’m pretty sure that I said that in my previous post…. XD

Anyway, that’s my design and they love it! So, yay! Got a portion of my payment today and picking up the rest tomorrow. I’m also going to Red Robin tomorrow to see if they had a chance to review my application and to hand in my resume. It would be nice to have a steady job again instead of side jobs. -fingers crossed here- Not that I mind side jobs. They’re fun!

For finishing my commission today, I treated myself to ramen at the ramen bar “Hiro’s Ramen” in Philadelphia again. I took my youngest brother, Jae, with me. We got there a half hour before they closed, but they were kind enough to let us come in and order. We ate as quickly as we could so as not to hinder them too long. It was delicious!

Philadelphia is pretty at nighttime because everything is lit up! Also, there isn’t as much traffic at night.

Ah, home now and it’s nice and relaxing. Mom has HGTV on and it’s one of those “International House Hunters” shows. The couple in the show is looking for a home in Warwick, England. It looks so pretty! I love those thatched roof homes with the timber-styled woodwork. -sigh- It’s so pretty.

Look for my words again soon, I’m going to do some writing.


Between Errands

Yesterday morning and this morning, I woke to find that our youngest dog (she’ll be 2 in October) had piled all of her toys on top of me in my bed. She then sat down next to my bed staring at me until I sat up. Obviously, it was time to play. So, I collected her toys, set them aside momentarily to go through my morning routine of getting dressed and feeding myself (she’d already been fed so that was one less thing to do) and then commenced a lovely play session. Her favorite thing to do is to play fetch.

Then I went out to begin working on a sailboat. I’ve been commissioned to paint the name onto the port and lee sides of the hull at the stern of the boat. Since it’s a Western Potter sailboat, the family has decided to name it “Harry’s Potter” since they enjoy the Harry Potter books and movies so much. I managed to draw the design onto both sides before it began to grow dark, so my plan is to return to the boatyard and paint the designs today. Once it’s done, I’ll be sure to take pictures and share them with you all! I really do like the design I came up with for them. They wanted it to have Harry Potter and Nautical influences and they really love the design I drew. So, as soon as it’s painted, I’ll share the completed project with you all!

Right now, I’m sitting in my car, waiting. On Tuesdays, I drive around an old schoolmate’s stepmother so that she can do her errands. She can’t drive anymore and gave up her license a bit ago, so I help out and take her out on Tuesdays. It’s a nice little break in my schedule. Anyway, I’m waiting because she went into a shop and I have time to waste before she needs me to pick her up. Although, I never go far. Since I don’t have any errands to do myself today (aside from go paint a name on a boat), I decided to wait in the parking lot and play on my laptop. =)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It’s very hot here today. I have my windows down but the fact that my laptop is burning my legs doesn’t help with the whole heat factor. This post is done. It’s too hot to keep my laptop here. Haha!

Look for my words again soon!