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Getting To The Point….

Greetings one and all!

Firstly, I would like to openly state that I would love to blame my lack of absence on my university finals (which have passed and graded by now), my work schedule (which is only on weekend), and life in general. But, to be honest, it not for lack of time. Instead, I’d love to blame it on procrastination. Yes, the bunt of every daunting project. It is not that, either.

The reason I have not posted in so long is because, well…I wasn’t really sure what to write about. So, I’ve finally broken down and decided to PLUNGE back into my little “Sunny Place” because the time will never be “just right”, that inspiration I’m waiting for to hit may never come, and I’ve just plain missed writing here. My “Sunny Place” is a haven to me, where I can write how I honestly think and feel without worry of what my family and close friends might think, because (as far as I know) they just aren’t aware of my “Sunny Place” (no matter how many times I’ve told them to check it out). In that respect, I’m glad if they don’t look here, because I like to have this freedom of expression. I can just be me.


So, hello again to one and all. Please welcome me back to the blog-o-sphere and let us be good friends once again!


❤ Soleil





Just popping in to say hi!

Also, it was raining so I decided to bake some cookies! Please check out my recipe for these delicious Blueberry Nutmeg Cookies on my food blog, found here: Tuck In and Chow Down.



Look for my words again soon!


You’re Basic, Average Update, Plus a Ramen Bar!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been a bit lazy lately. This whole “not having a job thing” is really boring. To be honest, I really have enjoyed the time off and I’ve accomplished a lot of things around the house and caught up on most of my reading list in the short while that I’ve been unemployed. However, it is boring to not have a set schedule every day, or at least a schedule of some sort, so I’ve started applying for jobs in my area that I will be able to work while attending my college classes. Ah…yes…college will be starting back up in a mere month. Yay!

No, really, I mean yay! I love school. When I was in high school, I never wanted to leave. I just enjoy learning. Of course, since graduating and attending college classes for the past few years, I have realized that I don’t need to be in school to learn. I can do it on my own! So, yay for knowledge, too!

Anyway, back to the job thing. So far, I’ve applied for errand running jobs (I’m currently employed by an old schoolmate’s step mother to drive her around once a week when she needs to run errands), babysitting/nannying, pet care, and being a server or hostess at a new restaurant opening soon by our local mall.

Other than that, my days as of late have included going up on the roof and sweeping out the gutters (one brother has a problem with heights and the other has a busy work/college summer class schedule, so I, being the only girl but the oldest, decided to do it myself. I like going up on the roof. When I was little, I would find any excuse to go up there whenever my dad, uncles, and grandfather were working on it, like bringing them water or tools, etc.. …I’m digressing again, back to my main point), pulling weeds in our front garden, cleaning my room, making trips to Goodwill to drop off donations, and reading, writing, and watching “Ducktales” still online. =P

Oh, although today I did go to a Ramen Bar in Philadelphia! Yum! It’s called Hiro Ramen and I ordered “Hiro’s Inch of Heaven” which is a Pork Soy tonkotsu (ramen soup) with egg, nori, and scallions!


I hope you’re all doing well. Let me know how your summer holidays are going!

Look for my words again soon!


Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Good morning one and all! Look, I did it! I got up early. My schedule may be on its way to being fixed. Haha! I am very proud of myself. I went to bed at 8 PM last night so I could get up at 4 AM today. Babysitting for the week has started, as I’m in the living room of our family friend’s house. It’s very cozy and I lke the couch. It’s soft. The kind that you can sort of sink into and get comfortable. I like it.

Outside, rain is pattering against the windows and thunder keeps rumbling lowly. Thunderstorms are expected off and on all day today, with no stop to the rain. Ah, but that’s been said before these past few weeks and then it doesn’t happen. I don’t like rainy day after rainy day until it becomes almost a week of constant rain, but I do like the occasional summer thunderstorm and rainy day. It’s refreshing.

I have an hour and a half to myself before I have to wake the first two kids up. The youngest, I have to wake up in 2 hours, though since he shares a room with his older brother, he may get up at the same time as him. Anyway, since I have some quiet time (and brought my laptop along), I figured I’d type up a nice morning post. So, hi!

Yesterday, I did not make rice porridge. I didn’t have the time. Well, I did, but I filled that with other tasks. I thinned out my Netflix list in the morning, took a sledgehammer to an old brick fireplace in our backyard (demolishing half of it. Jae finished the other half. We’ll try to take the bricks to the dump later this afternoon…weather depending and if the truck feels like starting. It’s been having battery issues lately, apparently, and is going into the shop tomorrow.), and then went to the Apple Store (45 minutes away) with my parents to have my Mac checked out. It’s a first generation MacBook Pro and the Genius at the Genius Bar was very impressed on the smoothness and speed that my Mac still runs with. I felt pretty proud when he said that. They fixed the minor problem I was having by shutting off the infared eye (The Apple TV remote my Dad bought for our TV was also controlling the sound and volume and playing and stopping and muting of my iTunes on my computer and it was driving me crazy!), removing several programs I could not get rid of myself, and removed some malware. He also ran a diagnositics test (I asked him if that were possible, since I was already there) and my Mac is in perfect health! Yay!

I’ll be leaving here around 9 AM this morning to go back home. The youngest catches his bus at about 8:45 AM. I’m not quite sure what my plans for today will be. I wanted to paint, but depending on the rain, I might not be able to open the windows to keep the room nice and airy while I paint.

Oh, also, I always find it a bit unsettling to drive so early in the morning. Since I live in a very rural area (where plots of land that don’t have a house on them are either acres upon acres of trees or open farmland), there is never anyone else on the road. While this may be safer (maybe), I find it creepy. It’s like I’m the only one. It’s a weird feeling. Luckily, I only live about 10 minutes from where I have to babysit. But, still, that 10 minutes feels awfully long at 4 AM on the dark county roads….

Look for my words again soon!


A Good Title Should Go Here….

Good afternoon to one and all. Already, I have received warm welcomes from the wordpress blogoverse. Thank you so much for your kind words and greetings. They are so sweet! =) Now, if you are celebrating Memorial Day, also, then I wish you a good holiday! My Pepere, uncle and aunt, just left, wrapping up our little cookout. It was very nice.

A small update on my early morning struggles: I decided to try and get some sleep. I went back to bed listening to the morning birds awaken and chirp their greetings to one another and the jackdaw widow finally quiet down. It was so nice to hear, that I turned off my fan and opened both windows in my room to listen to them as I curled back up under my covers. It was so peaceful. Even the dog slumbering at my feet was a warm comfort. Ah….so nice. However, I did make sure to drag myself up and out of bed again only a few hours later at 11:30 AM so that, hopefully, I can find a much easier sleep tonight.

Would you like to know my current thoughts now, since that is the point of my blog here? I have always considered myself a bit of a tomboy, but there are those rare moments where I really feel girly and cute. Growing up, we spent a majority of our time with my mother’s family. I was the only girl out of the children for twelve years until my youngest cousin was born a girl, too. So, I grew up with two younger brothers, and two younger boy cousins, as well. I think I have always gotten along better with boys than I have girls. But, then, sometimes I’m afraid that I act too boyish and that is why the boys I like never feel the same about me. It is these times that I most wish I was a girly girl who wore makeup every day and cared about styling my hair and looking pretty. But, then I realize I can’t function that way. As an artist, I find it pointless to put makeup on when I’ll just end up with graphite, ink, or paint on my face, or do my hair pretty, since I’ll just tie it up or shove it under a cap to keep out of my way, or wear nice clothes that might get ruined and stained by the oil and acrylic paints I use. Hum, hum, hm…this is just my current contemplation.

Look for my words again!


An Introduction Befitting Of A Whim….

Ah…aigoo, aigoo, aigoo. Aish. It is very late, or rather very early. As 5 AM draws very close, I feel rather ashamed that I have let my sleep schedule slip this far out of my current time zone and jumped back a few. Since quitting my job last week, I really have over-allowed myself to indulge in Korean dramedies on Netflix late into the night and into the wee morning hours. Now, I am pondering if I should just stay up and watch the sunrise and keep myself awake all day just so I can go to bed early and hopefully fix this problem. Hm…but I am tired now, yet restless at the same time. Even though I spent the last hour lying in my bed trying to fall asleep, I can’t seem to….

Oh, please let me introduce myself properly. You may call me Soleil. I’m just your averagely poor college student going for a Bachelors Degree in Art with a Minor in French. (Oui, je parle le français. Vous parlez français, aussi?) Do I have dreams? Sure. Sometimes I wonder why they are so far away, so out of reach, like the stars in the sky. Ah…outside the jackdaw widow calls into the night, but no reply comes, so it just echoes itself. As you can see, I rather hope to use this blog as a way to express myself. Since I find that I am often a random, optimistic, and silly girl, I think that this may be confusing at parts. I’ll apologize for that now. Please bear with me and treat me well here. =)

Let us be friends! While I teeter on the decisions of whether to try sleep again or keep myself awake until the next nightfall, I’ll leave you here. Look for my words again soon.