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An Unanswerable Question, Perhaps, and the Problem With The “Fairest of All”

Hello! Good evening! Good morning! Which is it, huh? It says AM because it’s past midnight, but it’s still dark out, therefore still night time. So, so, which is it? Which is it, I demand to know!


Yeah, me either.

So, anyway, I finished “Fairest of All” a few hours ago. The book I mentioned in my last post. You know the one. Well, you know the one I mentioned if you actually read my last post. (You guys aren’t slacking and just skimming through, right? -poignant stare-

Ahem, ahem, digressing again. Back to the topic on hand (dun dun DA!)!

The book is about 200 pages, a bit more or so, and tells the tragic backstory of the Wicked Queen from the fairytale of Snow White. Ah, but it’s apparently Disney’s version of her backstory, as written by Serena Valentino and published by Disney Hyperion. It seems that Disney has a sort of “Backstory Bug” nowadays. Serena Valentino has even published the next book I’m reading: “The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince”, which is the prelude to Beauty and the Beast’s story and how Prince Adam became a Beast in the first place. Because the simply wonderful prologue at the beginning movie (narrated by the enchantingly lovely voice of David Ogden Stiers -sighs appreciatively (ah, but you might know him better as the voice of Cogsworth, or Ratcliffe in “Pocahontas“, as Jumba in “Lilo & Stitch“, or as Kamaji in “Spirited Away“!)) apparently wasn’t enough justice to his story. Ah, but I can’t really knock the book until after I’ve read it, right?

That being said, that means I can give way to my opinion about Fairest of All at least. The tale itself was fine, but I felt it dragged on a bit too much at times. The Queen spiraled and there was a lot of unnecessary dialogue and descriptions that felt as if they were there to lengthen the story but not enhance it. Of course, they are trying to sell the reason of why the Queen became Wicked and wanted to kill her stepdaughter, Snow White for being Fairest in the Land over herself. It’s not a far-fetched concept, mind you, for why she grew to loathe her daughter…no, that’s not the right word because she kept saying she was doing it out of love. Really, basically, the Queen had convinced herself that what she was doing to Snow White was out of love and she was trying to protect the girl from the pain that love could bring and blah, blah, blah and other selfish nonsense.

So, as far as I’m concerned, this story can go in the same pile of rubbish that I placed the recent “Maleficent” movie into (you know the one, it just came out, with Angelina Jolie as the title character):


And no, I didn’t like the movie. I thought it was silly. I didn’t like how Disney tried to make Maleficent more “humanized”, how they tried to make you feel sad for her and want to side with her. No! She is supposed to be the “Misstress of ALL Evil” here, folks! Personally, in my own opinion, Disney is starting a terrible trek down a road that is ruining their Villains Franchise. They’re called Villains for a reason.

Ahem, that is all about that topic. However, I am sort of hoping that Ms. Valentino’s next book which I will start tonight/this morning (still not clear on that one. XD), “The Beast Within” will be a better concept. Also, there are WAY more links in this post than in any of my others! Whew! XD

Look for my words again soon!


Hello! I’m a Renaissance Girl!

Being a chauffeur is very interesting. To be honest, I only drive the same lady around once a week, on Tuesdays. She gave up her license awhile ago for vision problems and recently asked me to drive her around. So, I complied. After all, I had posted on my community forum that I was available for odd jobs. Plus, I get to catch up on a lot of reading and writing between her errands. For example, right now she’s in a salon getting a mani/pedi and I’m sitting in the parking lot, mooching off of McDonald’s free Wi-Fi to post to you guys. But, just prior to logging on here, I was reading “Fairest of All” by Serena Valentino. It’s a book published by Disney Hyperion and it’s the backstory of the Evil Queen from Snow White. So far, it’s interesting, but more on that later….

To be honest, I really like to work on odd jobs like this. I consider myself a sort of Renaissance girl. “Renaissance” being used in the same way Da Vinci is described as a Renaissance man. Someone who is capable and knowledgeable in more than one field. I love to learn new things, from needlepoint, to cross-stitching, to baking and cooking, to fixing the plumbing for a sink, to tiling a roof! I find it all interesting! I’d like to learn as much as I can!

If you ever asked me, I could easily help you to throw a pot (that means make one on a spin-disc), fire it in the kiln, and glaze it for you. I could make teacups or tea pots or plates or bowls. I can make vases, and busts and statues. From wood, I can make you picture frames, or chairs, or tables, or even a bookcase or bedframe! Want something carved or etched out of wood or stone? I can do that, too! My next endeavor is to take a class on stained glass making and glass-blowing. My Aunt and Uncle in Massachusetts own a stained glass shop where they make everything they sell and they have offered to teach me all they know if I stay with them for a summer. As for glass-blowing, well, I live near a village that does all of that, including making bottles, lamps, china, etc. all from glass! They have regular classes on how to do make all sorts of things from glass.

I like to work outside and with flowers and plants. I like to fish and swim and kayak and canoe. I can sail a boat (though I really should renew my boating license for verifiability’s verifiability’s (is that even a word?) sake), and I can teach you how to camp. I can whistle with my hands like an owl (and a few other bird calls), I can drive a manual or automatic vehicle.

If I don’t know how to do something and someone asks me for help, I teach myself how to do it. Like I said, I find odd jobs and work like this entertaining.

Actually, I was just telling my mother last night how happy I am to be not working in the car dealership industry any more. I worked in two different dealerships in the past year and I didn’t realize how unhappy I was there in those environments until now while looking for a new job. Of course, now I have a new job in Interior Design (which is way more up my alley with my art degree), but I’ll continue my odd job escapades.


Look for my words again soon!