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An Introduction Befitting Of A Whim….

Ah…aigoo, aigoo, aigoo. Aish. It is very late, or rather very early. As 5 AM draws very close, I feel rather ashamed that I have let my sleep schedule slip this far out of my current time zone and jumped back a few. Since quitting my job last week, I really have over-allowed myself to indulge in Korean dramedies on Netflix late into the night and into the wee morning hours. Now, I am pondering if I should just stay up and watch the sunrise and keep myself awake all day just so I can go to bed early and hopefully fix this problem. Hm…but I am tired now, yet restless at the same time. Even though I spent the last hour lying in my bed trying to fall asleep, I can’t seem to….

Oh, please let me introduce myself properly. You may call me Soleil. I’m just your averagely poor college student going for a Bachelors Degree in Art with a Minor in French. (Oui, je parle le français. Vous parlez français, aussi?) Do I have dreams? Sure. Sometimes I wonder why they are so far away, so out of reach, like the stars in the sky. Ah…outside the jackdaw widow calls into the night, but no reply comes, so it just echoes itself. As you can see, I rather hope to use this blog as a way to express myself. Since I find that I am often a random, optimistic, and silly girl, I think that this may be confusing at parts. I’ll apologize for that now. Please bear with me and treat me well here. =)

Let us be friends! While I teeter on the decisions of whether to try sleep again or keep myself awake until the next nightfall, I’ll leave you here. Look for my words again soon.